Darrell "Coach D" Wright was born in July of 1974 in East Orange, NJ.  He attended the East Orange School system up until the 12th Grade where he transferred to Lyman High School in Longwood, FL.  After graduating he returned home to play college basketball for 2 years where he took his team to a 40-3 record.  Coach D started working in the field of youth development as a teenager and continued after college by also working in juvenile corrections, gang prevention and truancy in the East Orange School District. 


Coach D has been mentoring kids for over 15 years and is very passionate about them.  He started coaching basketball in 2006 and realized through basketball he was able to reach a lot of different kids and help them with different situations presented to them in their life. Realizing the effect that he was able to have on kids, he decided to start Just 4 Kids NJ, a company in which he is able to coach as well as mentor kids from many different walks of life.  The effect that Coach D has had on these kids has been nothing short of fantastic!  His impact is so obvious when you see him interacting with them and see the smile on his face and more importantly the kids.  


Coach D envisions a program where kids are taught not only basketball skills, but most importantly life skills.